Infant Aquatics Classes

  At Merbabies we are Birthlight/Aqualight trained which is considered the premier training school nationally for Infant Aquatics. This teaches the methods pioneered by Dr Françoise Babira Freedman who has studied both in Paris and Cambridge.  Dr Freedman’s many years of research included detailed observation and evaluation of the introduction of infants to water in water-based communities throughout the world, such as Polynesia and in the Amazon, as well as in European countries.  The methods focus on safety, enjoyment and the parent-child relationship. 

Dr Freedman is the author of various books and videos and has been featured on television, in the national press and in specialist publications.  She is also the principal consultant on Infant Aquatics to the Swimming Teachers Association and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject.

The Birthlight Foundation specialises in extensively researched teaching methods for holistic peri-natal, post-natal and 'baby and toddler' activities.  Further information can be found on their website