Infant Aquatics Classes



There is much debate about whether there is benefit to small children in receiving progress awards.  There is no doubt that they are fun for parents and nice for children to look back on as they get older.

I have to say that I personally run more with the counter-argument which includes things like;
* babies do not appreciate the award
* if the parent is focussed on the next award they may spend less time enjoying the water and their baby just for pleasures sake,
* toddlers in particular (and babies vying for new-found independence) can buck away from pressure to go in a particular area leading to confrontation and disappointment which can result in them no longer enjoying the water,
* it is easy to become focussed on the next level all the time and lose the pleasure of each achievement your little one makes, unless it happens to be on the award system
* small people will learn and master a skill and then may not want to do it again for a few months
* as with all skills, all babies and children are different and you can't make them learn skills in the same order
* it is too easy to become focussed on what others are doing rather than celebrating your own child's successes
* classes should not be a competitive environment
* small people learn faster when under less pressure


As a mummy I wanted to be able to look back on my own childrens successes and be able to record them, together with those incidents that you can look back on and laugh, include photos of class and classmates, progress on holidays, what was liked best etc etc

As a result of this I have put together an Activity Progress Book which I believe satisfies the need to record information (we all say we'll remember, but we never do) but without the downsides which exist in an award scheme.  There are loads of spaces for photos and spaces for recording memories, comparative events between land and water, little classmates, skills mastered (in no particular order) and the reactions!

They are ring bound and 56 pages long and when filled in provide a lovely keepsake.  They are supplied 'at cost' at 7.50.  If you would like one, you need to order it in as we don't carry them with us at class so they don't get dog-eared.

                         best wishes,