Infant Aquatics Classes


Share some really precious time with your baby ……

Introduce yourself and your baby to the fun and relaxation of swimming together.  


Every expert will tell you the vital importance of maximising ‘skin to skin contact’ as a major benefit to the confidence, happiness and general well-being of baby.  Combining this with the multi-sensory stimulation and physiological development provided by being in the water, you will find this can only benefit your baby!  

Watch little babies concentrate as they take in all the different sensations while all their senses are stimulated in a new and interesting way.  Rediscover how exciting the simple act of splashing can be.  Help your baby to become 'social' and interact with other babies - they are generally fascinated by each other.

While baby is unable to move around independently, kicking and splashing in the water provides an excellent work-out that helps develop strong muscles and bone density as well as the obvious cardio-vascular benefits.  Afterwards babies tend to be calm, have a really good long nap and wake up refreshed and happy.

‘Merbabies’ believe that introduction to water should occur as soon as possible while your baby’s innate reflexes for the watery environment of the womb are still in evidence.  Enjoying water together in the bath is a good preparation for swimming classes.

At ‘Merbabies’ we guide you through activities appropriate to your baby’s age with the emphasis on having a really enjoyable time together.  You can also learn how to swim while your baby hitches a ride!  

Don't expect your offspring to be an Olympic standard swimmer by the age of three!  The aims are 
       that baby/toddler is confident and happy in the water
         that baby/toddler learns safety skills as early as possible
       that you learn new 'games' to play together
       that you both benefit from a relaxed environment away from outside pressures
       that baby/toddler gets to piggyback a ride while you swim or float
       that your toddler learns how to get from A to B in the water without arm-bands

       that you both have a really fun time together!

Babies’ love being with other babies so come along and they can make some new little friends, and you may too!

Swimming with your baby is a wonderfully intimate experience.

Enjoy it in a small, warm pool where you will receive individual attention without the surrounding hubbub of a public pool and be assured you will be made welcome.

Hope to see you soon,


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