Infant Aquatics Classes



Physical Benefits for You Too!

Swimming is of course an excellent post-natal activity as it strengthens the deep tummy muscles, thus helping to restore all internal organs to their correct resting place. The pelvic girdle is pulled back to it’s correct alignment, which results in obvious improvements to posture and shape. 

The major benefit of this taking place in water is that all the joints are supported.  This is particularly important as many new mums still have large quantities of the hormone ‘relaxin’ in their bodies for some time after the birth.   This means that the ligaments which connect the joints are more stretchy so your joints can suffer if they are put under stress at this time.  It is particularly important to be careful of this if you are breast-feeding as this can keep 'relaxin' levels higher for longer.

Be gentle with your body - it has been working really hard for months!

Come out of the class having had a really enjoyable and relaxing time with your baby and then benefit from a further rest afterwards as most small babies have a good nap following swimming!