Infant Aquatics Classes

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(Autumn 2013 Term)

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Please ask if you are interested in enrolling for the year and paying monthly by standing order (discount applies)

Enrolling For Merbabies

Merbabies do not operate a waiting list although classes are often oversubscribed.

Places are offered on a 'first come, first served' basis with priority being given to existing attendees UNTIL the closing date on the enrolment form, so it is important that existing swimmers ensure they return their form by that date to guarantee them a place on the next course.

New attendees are then allocated spaces from that date on, in strict order that their cheques and enrolment forms are received for the appropriate age class.  So to get a place on the next course it is best to send your form in as early as possible.

If no spaces are available, or demand exceeds supply, you have the option of either having a priority booking for the following term, or we will destroy your cheque, whichever you prefer.

Cheques will only be banked the week before term starts IF you have been allocated a place on that course.

Our preferred method to confirm class places to existing attendees is by e-mail so please ensure you check your incoming e-mail during the week prior to the start of term for confirmation of your class time.  New attendees will also receive a phone call so any questions that you might have can be answered before the first day of term.

Please ensure that each term you make sure that you have completed your contact details on the enrolment form, as this is used to contact you should for any reason classes have to be cancelled at the last minute for reasons beyond our control when we are on-site.  Also please check the 'my details have changed' box if any contact details have changed so we can change the main files.

You should expect to hear about your class place in the week before term begins.

Merbabies will not share your details with any other organisation.

We hope you have a fabulous time at classes and hope to see you soon!

best wishes,


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One-to One classes are also available