Infant Aquatics Classes


The NHS advise there is no need to wait for your baby to be vaccinated prior to starting swimming.

Please see the official NHS immunisation website for details.  Use the 'search' facility and type in 'swimming' to trawl for all relevant information on the topic.  Two excerpts from their website are shown below.

"Is it all right to take children swimming before they have completed their course of immunisations?

Yes, babies can be taken swimming at any age.

Some swimming pools still suggest wrongly that children should not go swimming until they have had some or all of their immunisations. This is a hangover from when polio was common and people were worried about its spread in swimming pools, which were places where large numbers of young people got together during the summer months. However, you should ensure you take care to dispose of soiled nappies and observe good hygiene as in any other public place."


"How soon after their polio vaccine can I take my baby swimming?

You can take your baby swimming at any time, both before and after they have their polio vaccine. There is no risk of children catching, or passing on, polio in swimming pools.
Your baby does not need any immunisations before they go swimming"