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Baby Yoga

The experience of movement combined with touch is possibly the richest stimulation we can offer babies from birth.   In baby yoga this occurs through the mutual involvement of the parent and baby, at a pace at which baby can absorb and integrate it. 

'Yoga babies' are generally less stressed, more loving and more affectionate than other babies, interacting more fully with their surroundings and family, as the sessions help them bond more closely with their mummy (or daddy).  This is building on the trust felt between parent and baby.

The yoga postures and activities are carefully chosen to be appropriate from 'newborn' and are then developed and extended with new activities introduced in line with your baby's development.

As yoga postures induce deep relaxation and a sense of well-being in adults, so in babies too they bring about a state of deep contentment.

In the hectic pace of the modern world, our babies need all the help we can give them to deal positively with stress and know how to relax.  In baby yoga, conventional yoga has been adapted into a safe games and activities to play and enjoy together with your baby from newborn.

This playful stimulation through yoga-based exercise is the best possible way of helping babies relish life, with all its demands as they grow.

Baby yoga and has been shown to help with common difficulties such as colic, crying, teething, constipation, digestive problems, stress, bonding, slow weight gain, feeding difficulties and sleep patterns. 

Practicing baby yoga enhances the developmental processes, strengthening all the functions of the nervous system, as well as the other main systems of the body.

It releases tensions across baby's back letting it gently unfurl from its curled position in the womb and develop the correct alignment and strength required.

Yoga movements act to free your baby's chest and liberate it for better breathing.  Baby's muscles are gently exercised and developed, loosened and strengthened, to promote optimum health and fitness in a gentle and loving manner.

The use of the yoga postures also help baby retain their innate flexibility, open out their joints to stretch and work the deep muscles that most exercise does not touch.

In one short session your baby is given as much physical exercise as they would receive if you handled and carried them all day.  This will help your baby sleep more deeply.

Regular yoga practice with your baby will also at the same time tone your muscles and help balance the hormonal changes that follow childbirth, which affect all mothers to some degree.

All in all, the combination of lovingly applied massage, baby yoga and gentle post-natal yoga in a tranquil environment must be a winner!


"If you look after the root of the tree,
the fragrance and flowering will come by themselves.
If you look after the body,
the fragrance of the mind and spirit will come of itself" 

BKS Iyengar, renowned Indian Yoga teacher

Some source text taken from ‘Baby Yoga’ by Francoise Babira Freedman, founder of 'Birthlight'