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Why do it?

The benefits of yoga and massage are really too numerous to list but here are some. 

*  They include stimulating all baby’s senses and systems

*  Building love, trust and confidence between baby and mummy

*  Gaining confidence in handling your baby

*  Getting to know and understand each other

*  Relaxation and exercise of mummy and baby together

*  Pleasure and fun

*  Provides a special time for intimacy with your baby

*  Helps baby become emotionally secure

*  Increases alpha brainwave activity

*  Stimulates baby’s development

*  Helps with post-natal depression

*  Healing exercises for mummy post-natally

*  Helps breast-feeding mother by enhancing the secretion of prolactin, which is essential for milk production

*  Helps parents self-esteem and confidence in their ability as a parent

*  Tension release

*  Helps teach baby to ’self-calm’

*  Helps teach baby to deal more positively with stress

*  Increases communication skills of baby

*  Helps you understand your baby’s ‘language’ and their communication of desires, wishes and their emotional state

*  Stimulates receptors in the skin

*  Increases efficiency of baby’s nervous system

*  Encourages better sensory awareness

*  Stimulates immune system

*  Aids digestion and elimination of waste products

*  Facilitates better food absorption

*  Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to all baby’s cells and tissues

*  Lowers stress hormone levels

*  Increases production of endorphins, which help reduce pain and tension while elevating your baby’s mood

*  Speeds up myelination of nerves to enhance brain and motor development

*  Promotes symmetry and balance

*  Helps babies delivered by caesarean section who did not receive the cutaneous stimulation of the birth canal

*  Improves blood flow

*  Detoxification through movement of body fluids

*  Promotes hormonal balance

*  Develops baby’s sense of balance and spatial awareness

*  Stimulates cell growth

*  Strengthens muscles

*  Aids muscular co-ordination

*  Keeps spine straight and supple

*  Maintains flexibility in the spine and joints

*  Pre-term babies are stimulated to gain weight faster

     * Helping with baby problems including fractiousness, colic, crying, teething, tummy-ache, constipation, digestive problems, feeding difficulties, sleeping patterns etc

When do I start?

The ideal time is with your newborn but sometimes that is difficult, so the best thing is to start as soon as you can.   

Remember, baby massage and baby yoga help you to connect with your baby physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It helps to build the bond of trust and love as well as all the physical benefits.  

At ‘Merbabies’ we guide you through activities appropriate to your baby’s age with the emphasis on having a really enjoyable time together.   

Babies’ love being with other babies so come along and they can make some new little friends, and you may too!