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Most parents naturally want to touch and stroke their baby to express their love for them in a way that baby can understand.  Baby massage takes this further, making it an even more pleasurable and therapeutic experience for you both.  

Eastern cultures have been practicing baby massage as a part of everyday life for thousands of years and instinctively know they are helping their babies, and western mothers also instinctively know it ‘feels’ right too.  It has now been proven to have great benefits by clinical studies in the west. 

The 'Touch Research Institute' web page (shown below) lists over 50 studies on the benefits of massage, from helping with asthma through to leukemia and much, much more.    

Scientific evidence has shown that touching, stroking and movement of babies brings about powerful multi-sensory stimulation.  Touching alone has been shown to improve and strengthen the function of all the body’s systems e.g. respiratory, immune, circulatory, digestive, eliminative, nervous and endocrine.  Also, a hospital study in Florida has shown that when massage was practiced on premature babies, they showed more mature neurological development than those who were not stimulated in this fashion.

Two of the benefits that most parents appreciate more than any other is the beneficial effect on circadian rhythms (sleep patterns) and tummy-ache whether it be wind, digestion or colic based. 

Long term, massaged babies have been shown to demonstrate less aggression, a happier and more loving nature, more self-assurance and a better ability to deal with stressful situations, both as babies and further on in life.

Merbabies believe in drawing on a broad spectrum of techniques, which include Chinese ‘Tui Na’ massage, Indian massage, Swedish massage and reflexology to give your baby the biggest physical, intellectual and emotional benefits.


Some recent baby massage clinical trials;

University of California

Tel Aviv University

Dr Vivette Glover

Touch Research Institute

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