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About Merbaby Yoga and Massage

When my baby was born I desperately wanted to find an activity which fulfilled all my criteria to benefit my baby most, and that we could do together from 'newborn' upwards.  I hit a major stumbling block straight away in that few activities are suitable for tiny babies.

I wanted something that he would enjoy, that I would enjoy, that would be 'play-time' for us together.  It also had to help his development both physically and mentally, stimulating all senses but not causing over-stimulation. 

It had to be something that we could do at our own pace in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment where no-one minded if he needed feeding, fell asleep, wanted a nappy change or had to tell me he needed something by crying.

My main criteria of all of them was that I wanted an activity that was solely devoted to my baby and his well-being, in which I could demonstrate my love for him, to him.

I wanted my baby to be happy, contented, loving and affectionate.

In baby massage combined with baby yoga I found this.  I hope you do too!

Best wishes,